Rules of the game


The backboard is the white, round shaped board with the goal in it.
The sideboard is the acrylic and fence wall.


Toss for the right of the 1st service or choice of side.
After that the right to serve goes to the player who won the last point.
The player that lost the last set gets the right to start serving the next set.
The service must be played directly in the goal of your opponent. (off course your opponent will return the serve most of the time before this might happen!)
A service on the backboard or in the water is out, it must touch the net of the goal.
When serving you must stand behind the serviceline, indicated at the sideboard.
When the serve goes in the goal you win 3 points.
You have 2 attempts for each serve.
Both players can score points on every serve.

2. Winner

When you play the ball in the water of your opponents pool you score one point.

3. Goal

When you play the ball directly in the goal of your opponent you win three points. Also when the ball touches your opponents body or racquet.

4. Error

Your opponent wins 1 point when you:

  • play the ball that soft that it lands before the singles line ( only in singles of course)
  • hit the roof of the court. This also includes slightly touching the net of the roof.
  • hit the ball that hard that it hits your opponent's backboard and thén lands on your side of his singles line.
  • touch the ball twice.
  • the ball touches any part of your body. ( when it subsequently goes in the goal you even lose 3 points. )
  • play the ball in the net or in your side of the court.
  • play the ball out of the court in any possible way, except when it goes through your opponent's goal.

(A ball touching the middle net is allowed in all plays. Also at the service a 'let' is not given.)


A set is won at 14 points.
From the score 13-13 a 2-point difference is required to win the set.
Any player that has reached 11 points or more can ALWAYS end the set by scoring a 3-point goal. This means that a setresult of 14-13 indicates a goal scored for the last point.
Official matches are played with a best of seven sets.
Sides are switches after every odd number of sets ( 1, 3 and 5). In the 7th set sides are switched after 14 and 28 points and from there on after every 7 points.


In doubles you take out the singles line.
After you get the serve the same players keeps serving until you lose the point. When the serve is won back again the other players has to serve.
In doubles it is allowed to block the serve at the net.
Except for the service you can always chose any position you like. For instance it is allowed to switch front and back position directly after serving.


In 'pro-rules' you cannot play the ball on any fence. You lose the point if you do. You still can play the ball on the acrylic part of the sideboard.