History of Ketball


During my summer holidays on the beaches of the Mediterranean, I sooner or later would be looking for something to do. I always ended up playing "beachball". Standing in the cool sea with a racquet in my hands and hitting a ball back and forth with a partner for hours on end. The best part of it was when you could keep a rally going by having to dive for the ball, after which you would have to get back on your feet as quickly as possible. The elements of the refreshing water, the burning sun and lively 'diving' rallies still make me feel like I am in my teens.

The only problem was that after a while I would get fed up with playing the ball towards my opponent instead of trying to make life miserable for him, like you would do in any other sport. I would always wonder if it were possible to build a court around a pool that would maintain these fantastic elements and create a brand-new sport. It would be even greater if I could combine this with my childhood thoughts of hitting a ball in a goal with my racquet in some kind of fantasy-sport. Three years of trial and error later this process ended up in  . . . Ketball