About Ketball


During my summer holidays on the beaches of the Mediterranean, I sooner or later would be looking for something to do. I always ended up playing "beachball".

Standing in the cool sea with a racquet in my hands and hitting a ball back and forth . . .

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The net divides the court in two. Around the court there are panels designed to keep the ball in play.

The sideboards 'hang' over the pool, starting at a height of two meters (6ft.6"). The pool is wider than the sideboards in order to make it possible to walk or dive underneath it.

The backboard, which is curved starting at a 45 degree angle at the bottom to reach a 90 degree angle at the top. Basically the backboard brings the ball back in play each time it passes you.

At the centre of the backboard there is the goal, 2.70 meters wide, the bar of which is at the height of 2.20 meters.

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